The beauty of a Date Night…

Its been one of those weeks, lots of work, lots of kids stuff, but not a lot of adult time.  I have signed on to be Ashleighs Team mom for her cheerleading squad, and that has kept me so busy- busier than I thought! Plus, Ash starts REAL kindergarten this year- now you may ask whats REAL kindergarten?? Well, those of you with kids with Septemebr and October birthdays know what I mean- it means YEARS of pre-k, etc, and FINALLY at 6, she gets to get on a bus and head off to school.  Think I am excited?? Her bookbag is packed with all her goodies, her school clothes shopping is done- I am ready! Of course, Asheligh, not so much!

So, in the midst of all the school stuff and cheerleading, and Haylee’s dr’s appointments {which the tubes worked MIRACLES! she talks as much as I do now!} Mark and I realized we had not had much time to be “Mark and Kelly”.  I know all you parents know exactly what I mean, that time where you reconnect, laugh about silly things and just enjoy being in love?  Well, we called the sitter {hello mom!} and planned a date night! We went down to St. Augustine, to The Casa Monica for dinner and some Jazz.  They have a wonderful restaurant called 95 Cordova, if you have never been, you have to head down there.  Its all dark and romantic, and you sit in these wonderful high back chairs, I felt like I was in a castle.  But the coolest part, {and this is why I am buying a point and shoot- so I can share these images with you guys} the menus had LED lights in them so you could see the items- I mentioned it was REALLY dark, right?

Mark and I had such an amazing evening- I am so darn lucky, married to the most wonderful man on the planet! Yes, he is funny {sometimes “pain in your side” funny} and he is the most romantic I have ever met! You know the kind, they get up when you leave to go to the bathroom, open your car door {I just LOVE that}, send you cards or flowers for no reason, and hold your hand when you walk down steps.  But the most romantic thing?  He lets me talk about photography all through dinner-he is as invested as I am in me and my business.  Its the most incredible thing to share that with someone you love so much.  Last night, over yummy martini’s and sultry Jazz, we talked shop, and it was just one of those perfect moments.  A night you will try and duplicate, but it was so amazingly simple, yet perfect too!  I joked with him last night, and told him that dinner was “Pure Sugar”- those moments where everything is exactly as it should be.  My favorite moments…yes, a little dinner and Jazz reminded me how blessed I truly am.  Hmmm, date nights are good!

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  1. Mark says:

    Well, I think I’m pretty lucky to be married to such a driven woman, unbelievable mother & the most beautiful woman in the world. Keep up the hard work Kelly as it is all starting to pay off!

  2. Stacy says:

    Aww I’m so glad you guys had some time together!! Now…wanna do my back to school shopping etc?!

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