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August 23, 2010

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Do you smell that delicious aroma? Its the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, and crisp notebook paper. The smell of a brand new backpack, and new leather shoes. I know the calendar says the new year starts in January, but any parent will tell you its the end of August! There is something so rejuvinating about a new school year. Its the beginning of new opportunities, new friends and it means…a QUIET HOUSE! If you are like me, and work from home, today is the day I wait all summer for! I have to say, there were no sad parents at the bus stop this morning. Actually, I think I caught a few dancing! Oh, I know school means homework help, packing lunches, and clothing fights- but it also means schedules and organization, and around this house, I will take that at any cost.
So, at 8AM Hunter {thats right, we added a kid} and Ashleigh loaded up on the bus to head off to LPA. And lil’ haylee got in the car for her quick ride to Primrose- she starts 5 days a week this year! They were all smiles, and I know its going to be an awesome year!
And of course, pics of them headed back to school {i am dancing around my QUIET office as I type this}…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh Kel, they just get more adorable everytime I see new pics of them. Your girls are so BEAUTIFUL as of course you already know. I am so glad Hunter stayed too, thats great. He looks so happy. I love Haylee’s shoes, how cute.

  2. […] started blogging when Ash was very young, and I remember a post I did on back to school– when my kids were young, and the summers were long. When then wanted constant entertainment, […]

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