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December 17, 2008

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I think one of the greatest things about getting married is the wedding, and I dont mean the flowers, and cake and all that stuff.  I mean, the feeling of a wedding, the hopes, the dreams, the love, it seems it brings out the best in everyone, if only for 24 hours.  You know the other great thing about a wedding? The ultra fabulous dress you get to wear ONCE in your life!  As a woman, do you know how awful it is to wear THE DRESS only once?  Enter a Day After session- the perfect way to wear you festive frock one more time!

This is Shannon and Chris, who were married on November 2nd.  The weather the day of their wedding was less than stellar, so we knew we would be doing a Day After session to get some images of them outdoors.  Well, the second time around, the weather was perfect! Ok, so it was a TAD chilly, but heck, look at that sky! I will take chilly for heavenly perfection…of course, I was not wearing a sleeveless wedding gown! These two are so very much in love, and just enjoy being together, I just love seeing that! Their two personalities mesh so well together, I just know that their marriage will be a wonderful journey!

Their adorable dogs joined us for this session, and they did so well! I rarely photograph the 4-legged variaty, but I am amazed when I do, how well the dogs behave! I wonder if Cameron would do that well…no comments Mark!

Congratulations again, I hope you two enjoy your first holiday together, and I your first year of marriage!

** Special thank you to Lynette at Rose of Sharon Florist for the amazing bouquet!

  1. Shannon says:

    Yay! Thanks for posting these!
    Everyone (and us! 🙂 ) loves the pictures!!!
    I hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy your vacation! You deserve it for sure! <3

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