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October 20, 2008

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This weekend, my neighborhood had the annual fall festival. Luckily, the boys got to fly in for it this year, so that made it extra fun! It’s funny, I am always so busy with work, and the house, and life, that sometimes I forget just how awesome being a parent can be. Its a good thing my kids remind me of that! This weekend was filled with LOADS of family time. I took off on Friday {a rare treat} and we took the kids for a day In St. Augustine. We ate lunch at The Conch House, which if you have never been, you MUST go! You can eat in the wonderful huts, and they have live alligators there. Sadly, I did not take my camera {I begged mark to go buy me a disposable} but alas, he would not. Deep down, I think its b.c he knew I would just get mad at the camera b.c I would not be able to adjust it like I can with my big guys, LOL! Then we went to the Fort. I dont think I have been in the Castillo since I was in elementary school. It was so much fun! We even made it for the firing of the canons! I think that was Hunters favorite part! Friday night we dined on a heavenly array of Pizza and S’mores on the new patio {i promise to post some pics of the new patio}. It was such a gorgeous evening {except for the DARN mosquitoes!}

Saturday was the Festival, Mark took the older kids, and I spent the day with Haylee. She was so much fun! We spent a good 30 minutes trying to reach the ducks {they had a great petting zoo} and rabbits. She did a slide with one of her babysitter’s, and stopped and chatted with Miss A and Her brother {clients of mine, and friends from haylee’s pre-school}. All in all, it was a FABULOUS day with her! You know its funny when you realize you spent the day with someone who can’t talk and you realize its some of the best conversation {and belly laughs} you have had in awhile! Thanks Haylee for a perfect day!
I posted a slide show, some of you will catch glimpses of your own kids, but mostly its just haylee being…Haylee!

Happy fall!

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