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March 3, 2009

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First off, I have to apologize for my utter blog slackness.  Most of you know I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday- you know “simple surgery”.  I now know that NO surgery is simple! So, today is the first day I have sat at this computer since last Thursday.  I am running a good 4 days behind.  I am hoping to be caught up by the end of the weekend! This adorable mom to be has waited a whole week to see her sneak peak! I feel just awful!! If only you guys could see me typing right now- its HILARIOUS!  Its a good thing I have spell check…

Anyways! this is Mrs. L! and you may ask why she is so TINY in these pictures.  Most of you know I photograph around 32 weeks- and this mom is no where near that! Of course, she is carrying THREE {thats right, I said 3} babies! and is on bed rest! We had hoped she would make it to next month to do pictures- but she was put on mandatory bedrest in February.  So, we moved up the session, and she snuck over to the studio with her entourage.  We planned for a day when her mom, her sister, and her twin nieces were in town.  What a hoot those two nieces were! They were there with cameras in hand! I just love photogs in the making!  Mrs. L and her hubby are expecting fraternal twin girls, and a boy.  That poor boy- two sisters {that should keep him busy}!

Mrs. L, it was so good to see you, and looking so radiant! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is trouble free! enjoy that down time!  You will be thankful for it in about 6 months!!




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  1. Kim says:

    Thanks so much Kelly … I’ve been busy so I didn’t mind the wait. Hope you are doing well and thanks for putting up with ALL of us. The pictures look great .. just wish I was tan!

  2. Andi Diamond says:

    I WISH I looked this good when I was pregnant- nad I only had one baby inside! ha! Great job, Kel! Love it as always!

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