{The one} with my family


Oh, internet world, how to even begin to describe my family? A tad crazy, wild and fun, would be the first three words I would use. But, around midnight on Sunday, after I had had 1 {thats right ONE} hour of sleep the night before, I would also say LOUD! Hey, I come by all of these traits quite naturally.

My weekend started out quite nice- Mark, the kids and mom headed off to Macon on Saturday AM- that left the WHOLE HOUSE to just me! See, I had a wedding on Saturday, so I had to go in a separate car. So, I make the brilliant plan, since I will be up shooting a wedding- I might as well make the 3.5 hour drive when its over!

….except I finished at 11:30
…..and the ride was 4.5 hours

and I decided to take 5 hour energy to stay awake {watch out highway}! So, when I got to Macon, at 4:30, I could not sleep! I think I dozed off around 5:30, and little miss sunshine {Haylee} woke up at 6:30- can you say TRAIN WRECK?!!? To top it off, I think I missed one of the craziest nights known in Spohr land {my mom’s maiden name}. I mean, EVERYONE partied till around 3! Fortunately, I got to spend a fantastic night with an amazing couple- more on them tomm. But even KT & KD did not make up for the terribleness that is I-10!

Sunday proved to be as much fun! I love watching my mom do shots! I mean, how often does anyone get to see that?? There were so many kids running around, dancing, playing, SCREAMING- it was like chuck e cheese on steroids! Except adults were enjoying it too!

All in all, it was ONE long weekend, filled with so many “you had to be there” stories. And yes, I am still tired, and I know mark and the kids are too- but it was worth every minute!

Candace, Greg, and little man C- you guys are wonderful! Thank you so much for showing me the porpoise in life! I cant wait till you come to visit again! Candace- practice those dance moves- I am ready for you!

karen & Bill- Thank you so much for putting us all up at your home, cooking and overall being AMAZING. Your home and hospitality was incredible! Seriously, I am moving in! No, I am not kidding, bags are packed!

Jeff, Nikki, & Baby A- Tennessee?? I mean are you sure you want to be Tennessee fans??? It was so good to see you guys! I hope you had a safe trip home!

The Tampa Crew- yes, there were just too many of you to list- It was so wonderful to see you guys again! I cant believe how the girls have grown- and I cant believe you are adding another to that brood! You are a better woman than I! I hope you guys had a safe trip back!

John and Paige- oh the words escape me…I love that we have to go 5 hours NW to see each other! I had such a great time with you Paige, and John, seriously, I think you need to take that show stand up. World watch out- these two are going to procreate! LOL!

I hope you guys enjoy the slideshow down below…

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  1. Cathy says:

    Cute! I enjoyed seeing pics of everyone! Looks like you had a great weekend 🙂

  2. Andi Diamond says:

    AAHHHHH…family! Gotta love ’em! ha! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. Lyn Wagner says:

    You sure caught the essence of this family and the wonderful weekend we spent together at my super coz’s house in Macon! Thanks Kel. We’ll get that family shot at Labor Day.

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