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May 29, 2009

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Saturday morning, I woke up with such high hopes. Given the weather for the past week, I hoped…no I BEGGED for NO RAIN! After Mark and the kids left, I headed down to St. Augustine, to run into J Crew, and while I was in there it did not rain…it POURED! But, at 3:00PM, when I headed out for my evening wedding, I saw the most amazing thing- the rain stopped! Something I had not seen in days- and slowly it continued to clear up, blue skies started to peak through. And, when I finally saw KT at the church with a smile as bright as that newly found sun- I knew she was one amazingly happy bride! We were lucky enough to get all our of group photos, and bride and groom portraits done before the ceremony- and before the rain came back! A small perfect window for a very happy couple!

KT & Kenneth, started their wedding under the loving eyes of family of friends, the perfect ending to a wonderful courtship, and beginning to their lives together. Their story starts years ago, when KT was 12, and she asked Kenneth to dance at a wedding they were both out. Kenneth- not a huge fan of dancing- said no. But, eventually, years later, KT got him! And on Saturday as they entered the reception room at St. Joseph’s Catholic church– Kenneth asked KT to dance, their first dance as man and wife, and she said yes. These two are soul mates, from beginning to end. I am not sure that two people could match as well- She is ying, and he is yang, and together, they mellow each other out- the perfect combination.

KT & Kenneth, thank you for allowing me to share in the beginning of your love story. I hope that you two enjoyed each and every moment surrounded by friends and family- its only the beginning of your amazing lives together!

  1. Kasey says:

    omg it was so awesome!!!

  2. BRIDE says:

    they are cute can’t wait to see the rest!!

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