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November 28, 2009

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Oh, internet world, here in the south, its a very sad day…the last regular season game of college football. I know, I know, its the postseason games that REALLY matter- but for someone who waits all winter, spring and summer for college football kickoff, there is something heartbreaking about watching the last college game day of the season.

At UF in the ’90’s, when I want to school there, this weekend was always HUGE- UF vs FSU- a huge rivlary, the season maker {or breaker}, the game you anticipated the ENTIRE year. I know, its not the game it used to be, but there is something awesome about a state rivalry- the tailgating, the trash talking, the bets that always take place between friends {and even families}. I still remember my senior season at UF, the first national championship year {yes, I am dating myself}- it seems like just yesterday. Whenever we go back to campus to visit, I can smell the yumminess that is the Pita Pocket, I go hunting for a “The Alligator” to read about the beauty that is UF football {which Mark swears is just a tad bit biased} and I wonder around University Avenue, admiring the most awesome campus and the most awesome school EVER! Ok, so Mark may disagree with that just a tad {college football is the one place Mark and I dont see eye to eye} but there is something about being back, that reminds me how fast life goes by. I remember walking onto campus as a freshman like it was yesterday- and now I look at my 7 year old, and hope that someday she will walk those same paths, and have the same awesome experience I had there.
You know, if I close my eyes, I am still that wide eyed, 18 year old, leaving home and starting my own life- I haven’t aged a bit!

Today, I hope that you take a moment and think about the awesomeness that is LIFE- even the mundane stuff like football, or putting up Christmas lights, or cleaning up from a huge holiday meal- and as silly as it sounds, enjoy your game day…


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