{The one} with “The happiness project”…

I mentioned last week that I was reading the Book “The happiness project”– and I thought it would be a good experience to keep track of it on the blog. I first heard about the book a few months ago, and thought the woman who wrote it, Gretchen Rubin, had a compelling argument. Sure she was happy, kids, a good hubby, a nice home {sound familiar}, but she sensed she was missing something in her daily existence. The forward opens with a description of the day she realized she needed more “happy” in her life- She is riding a city bus in New York, looks out the window and sees a woman, talking on the cell phone, holding an umb rella, pushing a stroller.  Add “writing notes to herself in her notebook” and you have me! Ok, you have 90% of the women I know! We are all doing so much in any one given day- taking care of the house, the kids, work, dinners, and all that other “life” stuff keeps us running circles around ourselves. But how often are we HAPPY, I mean, sure saisfied is good- what more could I ask for in my life? I have a great job, a wonderful marriage, healthy children, a nice home {although I wish it was neater} and wonderful friends. But, still, I know there is more. Do I appreciate everyday the way I should, do I take note of the little accomplishments and meaningful things that happen to me everyday? Well, I knew the answer to that question, so I jumped on the Happiness project. I am starting on August 23rd, and I am really excited about the path.

The goal of the project is to have 11 distinct categories, and my first step is to come up with those categories between now and the end of August. The other goal is to come up with 12 Personal Commandments.  I hope to blog about this project 2x a month- am I being overzealous…Ummmm, probably. But, if I put it out on internet world, then I have to live up to it. One of the greatest quotes so far from the book:

“The days are long, but the years are short”

Who out there can’t agree with that statement! So, I hope the next 13 months will be a learning experience for me, and any other “happiness Projectors” out there!

Step 1- develop my list of “projects”

step 2- assign months, and chart how I will tackle each project

step 3- blog once a month on projects

So… I have put it out there, its a commitment. And I am off…

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