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March 24, 2010

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Ok…so better late than never, right? I know, I went to this workshop in November- but I feel like I have been non-stop since then, and never had a chance to go back and edit my photos from the trip.  The workshop itself was amazing. I am sure all of us in our lives have someone in our industry who we admire beyond all else.  For me, thats Jasmine.  I have stalked her blog, I have watched her podcasts, I have read and re-read her posts.  I kept telling Mark when she did workshops, I HAD to go.  Well, last June, the first one she did, sold out in an hour. Then she did another in August, which was right when the kids went back to school {and also sold out in an hour}. So, in September, when she blogged that she would be doing one more workshop in the US in 2009, I knew I was going. I still remember getting back my email confirmation- I was ECSTATIC!

The workshop focused mainly on branding and business.  We photogs spend so much time perfecting the photography side, but its the business side that keeps us behind the lens! Without a business, we have nothin’! The J* workshop is a huge part of the blog makeover.  Stay tuned for more changes to come- I am hoping they will all be live early July! I am so excited for my branding changes- although I have to say they are more refinements. We spent so much time at the workshop discussing our style- and Jasmine really pushed us to look at our work, and fine tune our brand to match what our shooting style is. In all honesty, I feel like it has taken the three years I have been in business to know what my style is. It took alot of soul searching, and a lot of pestering friends, family, and colleagues, but I think I am there! Stay tuned for the unveiling…

I met some fabulous photogs at the workshop, and feel like I got an amazing oppurtunity to not only meet one of the major rockstars of wedding photography, but to refine my business model, and my style.  It was such an awesome opportunity- I just wish I had more time in Orange County.  Here is Jasmine’s post– take a peak, you can see me at the workshop. Thanks Jasmine, it was FABULOUS!  If you get the opportunity to go, TAKE IT!

Thank you so much to Laurell Lane for the AMAZING bouquet and to All made up for the fabulous makeup and hair.

  1. cassandra-m says:

    LOVE those images….WOW! WOW! AWESOME with EXTRA “AWE”….Love the new blog. I know exactly the feeling of being non-stop since November. Right there with ya girl. Beautiful photos…so great meeting you at the workshop too :)))))))

  2. Ashley Allen says:

    These are AMAZING….love the colors the bride and groom are wearing, they really make the photos interesting. Very vibrant and exactly what I would want for wedding photos!

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