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October 6, 2011

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I was reading a post from Jasmine Star yesterday about the importance of being you…and it really resonated with me. In my 20’s, I spent the better part of that decade trying to figure out who I was, what I stood for, and what was important to me. Then, in my 30’s with children, I feel like I have spent a better part of this decade {fortunately I do have a few years left to go in my 30’s} being a “mom”, being a “wife” and now being a photographer. It leaves me wondering, again, who am I?
So, last night, as I am working and watching TV, my husband tells me that Steve Jobs died at 56. Now, maybe I say this because I work on apple computers, and carry and apple ipad, and workout to my apple shuffle, and well, you all know how I feel about my iphone! But I truly think he was one of the greatest business men, and visionaries of our generation. As I watched Tom Brokaw on the Today show this morning, hold up his “jukebox” – an ipod- I realized how much he has changed all of us. The way we interact with each other, the way we read news, and the way we experience everyday life. I mean, how many of us will line up on October 14th to get a new iphone? How many of us replaced a perfectly good shuffle, because a newer, faster one came out?
When I go to the mall, the apple store is always jam packed with people, whether they are playing with the new technology, visiting the genius bar, or walking out with a coveted white box. I don’t know that any other figure in modern history has done so much for the face of technology and business. The man blended technology and creative vision unlike anyone else.
But all of that aside, it is this one quote from a speech he made, that I read all over twitter last night that really made me think-

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”
-Steve Jobs

I don’t want to wait till my 40’s to figure out who I am, to live the best life for me. I think the one thing Mr. Jobs taught us, is that its not education, or where you come from that makes you YOU, its your own vision, and your own drive, and your own creativity. I hope that all of us touched by what he did remember this simple legacy and take today to start living your own life!

This has been a rough year personally for me, and while its too much to drag into on a blog, I realized after reading that simple quote, how ready I am to be ME- and not just me, the bestest {oh yeah, its a word} version of me. So, thank you Steve, for all that you created, for your visions, and your dedication, and for being you.

Rest in Peace…


One of the original apple computer ads in the ’80’s. Who knew that in this mans 56 years he would change the face of technology. Love Mac, or hate it, I think everyone can agree that what he did changed us all…

  1. anna n says:

    i love the last part…monitor and mouse optional. my kids won’t even know what those things are 😉

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