3 things to do the night before your senior session

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June 9, 2023

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Class of 2024 Seniors: Here’s 3 things to do the night before your session for a stress free session day! Let’s face it, you want this day to be smooth and easy, and by taking some time to do these 3 things, you will look and feel great on your session day…. and hopefully your mom won’t have to yell at you 🙂

** Sidenote… this is for any photo session 🙂

3 Tips for the night before you senior photos

#1. Prep your wardrobe & accessories: make sure that each outfit is steamed or ironed and is on a single hanger. Extra points if you make sure your accessories for that outfit are in a Ziploc bag and attached to that hanger. This will help you keep your outfits together and help you know what accessories go with them during the session and will make sure you use them! You don’t want to wake up on your session day and not have put your outfits together yet – that would cause a lot of unnecessary stress and have you hurrying around. Plus, there is a good chance you may forget something!

2. Moisturize (face and lips): Wash your face thoroughly the night before your session and apply a hydrating moisturizer. Your makeup foundation will apply more evenly if your face is prepped and ready before any color is applied. And for the entire week before your session, use your toothbrush to brush your lips vigorously. Then apply Vaseline to your lips and sleep in it. This will make your lips smooth and ready for lipstick. Chapped lips looks awful in camera (and let’s face it, in life too). this goes for the guys too, while you won’t get makeup… the camera will see every bit of your chapped lips! And, hydrated skin is happy skin… trusty me! And, yes, the camera sees this too! For guys, make sure you shave with enough time to hydrrate your skin again, but not enough time for crazy hairs to grow in!

3. Get your beauty sleep: Be sure to get a good night’s rest prior to your appointment as there is nothing “fresh” about puffiness and bags under the eyes. Need extra help? Apply a cold compress to your eyes the morning of your session to reduce any puffiness or redness before your session. Please don’t stay up late the night before, it will only make you feel groggy the next day. There is nothing that needs to be done at 2AM the night before, trust me! Get a fab breakfast, drink loads of water, and relax, I have done this for the last 17 years… I’ve got you!

Tip #4 for your night before session prep

Tip #4 for your night before session prep

4. drink water… ok, this is an extra one, and its starts the week before, but even the day before helps! drinking water is the #1 thing you can do for your skin, and it will make your face look more refreshed, will make you feel more awake, and will just improve your whole body! Remember your body is 98% water, so adding it back in, keeps you feeling amazing!

We are all about giving you tons of tips and tricks for the best senior portrait session, so go ahead and follow our IG for even more! We also have several FREE GUIDES to help you prep for a portrait perfect wardrobe! DM us with your email address and we’ll send them over!

Photos of sammie- Class of 2023 Bartram Trail high School

Ready to start planning your senior pictures? Lets get started! Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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