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One of the perks of being a LUXE senior photography client is K Crew- which is little pop up shoots throughout the year. Of course, the earlier you sign up, the more shoots you get!

What is K Crew?

This year, we ended with a color wars photoshoot, and did it as a “college color wars”. We met up at the park, and had such a great time. I think my favorite part is watching all these seniors interact with each other. Some of them are great friends, and some of them only hang out when we shoot- and that is what makes this so special! When these seniors head off to college, they will meet new people, and interact outside of their own social circle, and to me, thats the purpose of this group. Since most high schoolers have the same social group, this is the first time they really venture beyond that. They always tell me how much they love that part of it- meeting “newish” people that are at their school, or other schools, and having a blast with a whole new social group!

College Color Wars

My other favorite part of these K Crew shoots is there is NO pressure. We laugh, we joke around, and I feel like I get to really KNOW them! It’s such an incredible experience and spending time with them is what makes my job so special. I have loved each and every one of the class of 2023 seniors. I will miss them tremendously and am so excited to watch them on their college journey!

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