4 Ways to Prep for your Senior Photo session


December 1, 2021

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I get a lot of Jacksonville and Saint Augustine seniors who are worried about their session day- and I get it, its a lot to plan for! The pictures are the easy part {don’t worry, I got you}! With a day like this, you are worried about forgetting something, or things not going as planned. Following these steps will help your day go smoothly, I promise!

4 Ways to have a flawless Florida Senior Session

  1. Put you ENTIRE outfit together. Whether you use a hanger, or a clothing bag, making sure you have all your pieces makes it easy to keep you organized, and helps during your session. Add you shoes and any undergarments you need!
  2. Start a Senior Pinterest board! Have you discovered pinterest yet? if not, this is your new best friend. It will help for your session- and a million other things! Dorm room decor-YUP! Grad party ideas- Of course! Senior year planning tips- DUH! It will also help with hair, makeup and outfit ideas! having all your ideas saved in one place will make it so much easier as we get close to your session date! While your there, look up Kelleen Hite Photography, we have tons of senior year, and senior session ideas saved for you!
  3. Match your accessories and extras with each outfit. I cant stress enough, layers and accessories MAKE an outfit. And, keeping them with each outfit means you won’t forget to use them as you change! The easiest was is to take a ziploc and attach it to your hanger in step 1!
  4. The last step is to pack an EMERGENCY KIT! Don’t worry, we offer a free guide to help you as you prep for your session! Click HERE to get your guide so you feel totally ready for your senior session! We want to make sure you are calm and prepared so you enjoy the experience!

And don’t forget, when you work with KHP for your senior session we send you a detailed welcome packet, and a link to a planning website that helps you with all the steps of your prep! From nails to makeup, wardrobe to locations and a packing guide! Ready to get your session started with KHP? Let’s set up a chat and get the booking process started!

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