Baby J is 6 months old

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July 15, 2008

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I can’t believe how fast 3 months goes by! Mr. J is now 6 months old and sitting! Here is his last session. Its hard to believe these babies are growing this fast! It seems like just yesterday that I did his mom’s maternity images! Oh, well, it seems thats my theme for the week: time DOES not stand still!

Mr. J is the chubbiest, cutest little guy! I know that if the gerber baby needed another model, he could easily fill those shoes! Its funny when I start proofing a session, I get to see all stages of their personalities. I get some giggly ones, and of course some tears…but its the deep, serious faces that capture me. I have to beleieve there is so much going on inside of their minds, they are like little sponges at this age, learning like 100 words day or something! It seems with some of these pictures, I can see into there very souls, the depth of the feeling they have. Its such an awesome thing! I always joke that all my baby couture cleints fill my “baby fix”! Thank you Mrs. D for giving me my gerber fix too!

Hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak!

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