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well.. they always say better late than never, as I am getting around to blog the class of 2021! This was a hard class for me… I had my own Class of 2021, and with covid and all the drama last fall. There was so much that hung over them.

I have known Taylor since kindergarten, but I was able to work closely with her starting in Spring of 2020 when she started team shoots with KHP, as a junior at Bartram Trail High School. To say she is incredible would be the worlds largest understatement. She is as funny as she is kind, as beautiful as she is caring. I was so lucky to have her be one of my first models, I am not sure there are even enough words. When this class finished up, I feel like a part of my heart left with them. Watching her shine as a freshman in college, has been amazing. But more than that, seeing how happy she is, and how much she has grown, is just incredible. I try and tell parents, the changes from the beginning of senior year to the end are monumental… but the changes from high school to college, will blow your mind. Taylor is living proof of that. Her updates to follow 🙂

Senior Photo pictures in St. Augustine

With Taylor, we did her senior session in the heart of downtown St. Augustine. I love the different textures of the buildings down there, and I love that there are so many different looks! From cobblestone streets, to soft pink buildings, St Augustine really is like no other place. It works perfectly for a senior photo shoot because we get to just wander and find little places to shoot.

To finish up, we actually did the intercoastal side. Its this magical little spot of land we were lucky enough to find that gave us views in to the setting sun. And while it had been cloudy all day, the sun peaked out at the end of the day to shine on the beautiful parachute dress we used.

Photographing this age is probably the most rewarding thing I have done… they are at such an incredible crossroads. But, doing it for kiddos I have watched grow up, is even more special. Taylor took a part of my heart with her to Georgia State! Girl, you know how much I love, and how thankful I am for the time you invested in me. I am always, ALWAYS hear for you, and am always cheering you on the sidelines!

Taylor’s year one update… College Advice

After finishing my first amazing year at Georgia Southern University, I have learned so much about the person I am and the person that I strive to be. Something that is so important to know going into college is, to make sure you prioritize your time wisely. Things can get crazy between classes, studying, activities, and social life but its all in how you manage whats most important to you. You can do all of these but time is so important! I have made the bestest friends my first year and could not be more blessed with the people I have supporting me. All I can say is make the most of your time in college and get involved with anything you can like greek life, school organizations, fitness, and activities that your school offers because it will make your college experience amazing❤️

Y’all this is so true! you will find your PEOPLE in college, but you have to remember not to lose yourself. It’s an amazing 4 years, but remember to take time off from all the things. And get involved, do the things, it will make the most of those years, I promise!

How to be prepared for your awesome session

Well for starters, no tanning {sunburns} the week before, right Taylor ?. For more info on being totally prepared for your session, check out our blog post on conquering photo day stress, and the session day checklist!

  1. St. Augustine looks like such an incredible place for senior pictures! Taylor is beautiful and you’ve done a great job showing her personality!

  2. Jodi Major says:

    This Saint Augustine senior session for this Bartram Trail High School Senior was a beautiful location! I love all of her outfits and the rose colored dress, especially

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