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Taylor’s St. Augustine City and beach senior photos

Next up for the class of 2022 is this Bartram Trail senior who did a St. Augustine city and Beach photo session. We started off in downtown St. Augustine, which is one of my favorite places to shoot. St. Augustine offers lots if colors and textures, and its unlike any other place around us- perfect for that once in a lifetime photo session. Taylor is headed to Rice University {although she was undecided at the time of her senior photos} and was graduating second in her class! My fave thing Taylor broght for her St, Augustine session was the white boots! it took a fun outfit, and made it just that much extra! Don’t you agree?

After we did some photos around the city of St. Augustine, we headed over by the beach. The area of Vilano is my favorite for St. Augustine beach photos! You get both East and West sunsets, and the skyline is magical with the city in the background. Taylor wore two fun dresses while we were down by the ocean so we could get soft blues, and bright blues- both of which made her eyes pop! This girl is smart, beautiful, and so much fun to be with, she is a force of nature for sure! Taylor, thank you for choosing me for your senior photos. I know you will do BIG things, and I cant wait to tag along for the ride!

In thier own words- Taylor’s senior session…

We felt Impressed and relaxed!! Everything went smoothly from the hair and makeup to the picture taking and wardrobe changes. Our favorite part was watching Kelly work and seeing how comfortable and fun she makes it for the grad!!! I have a camera and can take pictures but there is something special about taking an afternoon to commemorate and capture this moment. The hair and makeup was a neat experience and having Kelly give little instructions and laugh made it easy and fun!! Loved everything about it!!

A little about Taylor, in her own words…

Name 3 things on your bucket list!

Get scuba certified Swim with whale sharks See the northern lights

What is your FAVE senior memory so far?

Winning regionals for Science Olympiad!! (I know that’s super nerdy, but it’s the most recent highlights I remember)

What is YOUR definition of TRUE BEAUTY?

I think people are the most beautiful when talking about or doing the things they love.


How can I help represent it in your senior pictures? Wow this is a long winded question . . . I am definitely nerdy, but not like “star wars and dungeons and dragons” nerd. I’m a “I love science because it helps me understand the world” nerd. I grew up super introverted but now I love being with other people and will talk anyone’s ear off. I don’t know if I have much of a “story” because not much has happened in my life yet, but I think my personality is best represented in pictures probably with bright colors and warmth. I definitely like the cool, edgy city vibe and having the romantic, flowy outfit stand out because I feel like it matches my personality well. Im very individualistic and like the modern hustle-and-bustle of cities, but at the end of the day I’m more down-to-Earth than trendy. Down-to-Earth in a “not super trendy and cool” way, not in a relaxed way (I’m the stereotypical overachieving perfectionist).

St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0002.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0003.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0004.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0005.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0007.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0006.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0009.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0010.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0012.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0008.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0011.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0013.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0015.jpg
St. Augustine Senior City & Beach Photos_0014.jpg

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