Conquer Jacksonville Senior photo day stress- Things to add to Senior Photo Session Day Checklist

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April 11, 2022

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It’s the day you have been waiting for- its your senior session day! You are SO EXCITED, and maybe a tidge nervous {don’t worry, we’ve got you}! The best way to reduce nerves, and be ready, is to have a plan! So, read on to have a smooth morning, and be ready for your session! Don’t forget to check your session planning guide for more details too!

The best senior session day prep check list

Shave- this is for guys and girls- don’t forget to shave! Guys, shave that face, unless you really want the scruffy look {remember to ask mom on this one}. For my girls- shave your legs and underarms, especially if you are wearing sleeveless, dresses or shorts. The camera will pick up even the smallest details!

Eat and drink- having some food in you will give you energy, and keep the “hangry” feelings away. Bring along some water, and maybe a small snack to keep you going! As a matter of fact, drink loads of water- and don’t just start the day of your session, hydrated skin is happy skin, and who doesn’t want to get happy skin photographed!

Shoes, outfits and accessories- ironed, hung up, and ready to go! Make sure you have everything together so you don’t forget any of the little pieces. I especially suggest some bracelets if you normally wear a watch and are skipping it for your senior session. Yes I mean that dreaded apple watch tan we all have! Small earings {or big fun ones} and a lot of extra punch to your outfit. So do layers, sweaters, scarves and jackets- I know, its warm here, but there are plenty of ways to get creative. hats are fun too! Don’t worry we have plenty of accessories, hats and extras in the style closet!

Props- adding accessories and extras to your outfits, and to your session adds more authenticity to your session. Jackets, wraps, scarves, sunglasses, and anything that screams YOU! Want more ideas click here.

Chapstick- I know this one sounds silly… BUT flaky lips will show up! Start this a few weeks before you session- especially if your session is in the winter, since its so dry!

Clean your face, and give it some TLC- this is for both girls and guys! Now, if you have makeup and hair scheduled this is a no-brainer, a clean moisturized face is the perfect base for any makeup, so add the moisturizer and make sure to clean with a soap that wont irritate your skin. Now is not the time to try out that new peel you just bought! Stick with products you know and trust! And, dont worry about that random blemish that will {inevitably} pop up! I got you covered on this end! While I am always a fan of lotion with sunscreen {or sunscreen in general} this is the one day I say you can skip it- it tends to make your face oily.

Kelleen Hite is a senior photographer in Saint Augustine and Jacksonville, Florida. Her clients come to her from the North Florida area including Daytona, Orlando, and Ponte Vedra Beach. She is a planner by nature, but still tends to forget something, so she always makes a list!

Are you ready to book the best senior pictures in Saint Augustine Florida? I would love to help you plan the perfect senior photo session just for you! Head on over to the CONSULT page on the website and lets chat!

  1. Nearly every high school senior is nervous before their photo shoot, but doing the prep work before will help eliminate so much stress! These are simple, yet necessary tips for a successful senior portrait session.

  2. Brandi says:

    This is the perfect checklist for seniors before their big session day! The best way to beat the nerves it to be prepared!

  3. Jodi Major says:

    Wonderful tips to conquer senior photos! It’s great to have a senior photographer that cares enough to help you out before your session

  4. Deborah A. says:

    This is such a great checklist for BOTH your senior girls and senior guys! Hydration is so important and I love how you remind your clients how it actually has an impact on their skin! That is a big one! Also, chapstick….that is such a great tip as well. Love the reminder to not only have it on their session day but do it a few weeks leading up to it. Great suggestions!

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