Whats the best weather for your Jacksonville Senior photo session?

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March 28, 2022

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Weather is a big part of any session day, and the beauty of senior photos, is that we get to pic what kind of weather we want! Read on to see which types of weather work best for Senior photos in Jacksonville and beyond… and what to do if we have rain on your session day!

What kind of weather do you want for your Senior Pictures?

? This is the month for THUNDERSTORMS, RAIN, CRAZY WIND, etc but don’t let that worry you when it comes to your senior session! Florida can be a bit crazy with weather, so we watch it all the time, especially when we heave senior photo sessions in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine.

I wont lie- my favorite weather for pictures is SUNNN!! I love backlighting, and I love the delicious glow that sun gives our images. We live in Florida, we should celebrate the sun! BUT- the sun in October to May is substantially softer (read- more pleasing on the skin} than it is from June to September. The weather is also more volatile in the summer months, and brings us that dreaded humidity! So, knowing all that, what weather is best for your senior portraits in North Florida? and what do we do if we have less than stellar weather?

Here’s how we here, at KHP handle rain reschedules for your senior pictures!

  1. If there’s a forecast for rain on your session day, we become moderately obsessed with checking the weather. We’ll keep updating ourselves on what the weatherman has to say in regards to your session day and time. We’ll also call you and talk over our options if the weather can’t make its mind up!
  2. If we wake up on your session day and the bottom has fallen out of the sky, we will reschedule. Think about it… who the heck would want to spend all that time in makeup and hair just to lose it all and look like a drowned rat for their senior pics? Absolutely NOBODY. We would never put you in that position and force you to take pics in the rain.
  3. If it has rained very recently, we will assess the ground. We will probably want you to sit on the ground for some of your pics but we won’t be able to do that if it has soaked the ground and the sun hasn’t come out to dry it up. We also don’t want you to walk through a field of quicksand.
  4. If you want bright sun drenched images, we need to take that into consideration. We have rescheduled many a senior session because it was very overcast on a senior’s shoot day and we knew sunlit images were important to them- sunlight is my fave!
  5. Some clouds are good- that’s actually BETTER for your senior pics! The entire sky changes and becomes a diffuser for sunlight which can create the most beautiful light for your senior pictures! But, we try and ovoid total overcast! A mix of sun and clouds is the perfect blend, but overcast is really flat, and tends to lead towards muddy shadows in your images. Colors are richer with the perfect mix and skin has a beautiful glow with the sun!
  6. Wind… wind can be great to add subtle movement to your images, and we love that! But, too much of a good thing can be disastrous! Especially for girls! No one is going for that “cousin it” feel on their senior portraits! Usually anything under 12MPH is ok, and while it may be more by the water, we will work with hair to make it work. If the wind is over 20 MPH, we have to talk reschedule- trust me, the windblown look gets old and exhausting real quick!

Phew! Did you know that much goes into rescheduling your session when it comes to the weather and handling the ups and downs like rain and wind? Who knew my part time gig would be assessing the weather like a meteorologist! We want your session to be your version of perfect and no matter what that is, we will make it happen!

One of the senior session perks with our boutique studio- we take limited sessions each season- not only does this mean you get an amazing experience, but it also means, I have the capability to save dates for backup so you get the weather you want! This is such a special time for Seniors and their parents, that we want the best day to celebrate YOU!

  1. Of course we can’t control the weather! I love that you take all that into consideration when deciding to reschedule. Just because it isn’t actually raining, doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of other weather related factors. For me, wind is by far the worst! We don’t get a lot of rain, but the wind can be a nightmare especially for kids with long hair.

  2. Jodi Major says:

    I love that you are prepared for weather in your area. The best weather is tough to come by for senior pictures, but it’s great to know that your senior photographer is ready for anything!

  3. Brandi says:

    I love that you are prepared for all weather situations and have a back up plan in place for your senior portrait clients. I am sure that is very reassuring to them when they book a senior session with you.

  4. Susan says:

    It is so great you are totally prepared to deal with inclement weather on the day of a photo session. The fact that you do not overbook yourself is definitely a plus!

  5. Andrea says:

    Making plans for an outside photo session can be stressful. Mapping out all of the ways to have a successful senior photo shoot for all weather is a great way to make clients feel sure you are the right photographer for them!

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