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March 6, 2015

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Welcome back to Fave Friday :: Behind the Shot, where I get to share a little behind the scenes tidbit about some of my favorite shots. Brace yourself…this is a good one!

If wedding dresses & rings were cake, then this flavor would be called Pink Heaven …

PURE SUGAR STUDIOS wedding Photography at the White Room

This is one of my fave images from the wedding I am currently editing. Its a soft pink {yes, I could already envision it as a background on my new site} and I loved the lighting we had. This ring shot was done a tad out of order. I usually do ring shots during getting ready, but this wedding day had a shorter getting ready time, and well, in all honesty, I did not think of this shot till later.

PURE SUGAR STUDIOS wedding Photography at the White Room solutions dress

 Can you tell what it is now? its the brides dress! She had to take it off right before the ceremony to have a tear fixed {and she was so CALM about it all}. While it was off I noticed the layers of pink silk and taffeta and all around yumminess layered perfectly on the table with window light right behind me, and voila. This is, of course, shot with a macro, the Nikon 105mm, on the Nikon d810, for large files sizes. I cant wait to feature this pink yumminess on the new site, and I cant wait to shoot in a dress again! Sometimes great things come out of “uh oh’s”.

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