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March 9, 2015

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Starting today we are going to have a fun blog series about makeup and skincare for your wedding day. Since, as I admit readily, I am a self professed product junkie, this is one series I know I will enjoy. Although Mark and our bank account may not… First up is all about the tan {Spray & Sun}.

The curse of the spray tan….

The dress is white, the flowers blush, and the bride…ORANGE! Wait, no thats not what we want!

The curse of the spray tan- trust me- the struggle is REAL! I know it sounds crazy, how can something so easy, go so so wrong. But it can… and it usually does. So how do we solve it? How can we be tan?

Ok brides, I am going to be honest with you about spray tans, and well, tanning in general. Lets start with the regular tan first. You come to Florida, or maybe your bridesmaids are visiting. You guys decide to all hit the beach for a day of sun and fun, and then before you know it, everyone has strap marks…and is wearing strapless gowns for your big day. Do you see the mess here? Sunscreen is not only great at protecting us all from cancer, it will also help you not to have lobster marks on the big day, and trust me, you will be so greatful! Aint nobody wanting to rock that style!  While a touch of color goes a long way, trust the makeup artist you hired to give your face a gorgeous rosy glow! And please apply, and reapply, and wear a hat. The sun here, especially in the summer is very, very strong, and will burn in less than 15 minutes, even in shade with bounced sun. No tan is worth the mess in dress!

Now, the bigger culprit – the spray tan! Now, don’t get me wrong, not all spray tans are bad. But the ONLY way to know is get it done in advance, and I recommend at least 2-3 times BEFORE your wedding. That way, you see how you react to the coloring. Spray tan has a tendency to “color” the skin in areas that show on film- hands, armpit area, even feet. Want a cute image of your fabulous freshly painted toes in those gorgeous Manolo’s? Well, your orange tootsies will also show. Want a pic of your gorgeous rock on your hand? Well, the orange crevices will not show off the beautiful facets of your bling. See the dilemma?

So, how can you ensure the spray tan is ok? get it done a few times in advance like I mentioned above, also, get the final one done a few days in advance. That way, if you are unhappy, you have some time to exfoliate your way from disaster. And finally, go with recommendations of people you trust for a salon that does great work, this is one day you don’t want to have a mess up.

And finally, I will say, from behind the camera, smooth, untanned, skin photographs just as beautifully as tan skin. Go with who you are on this day, don’t try to change. Trust me, years from now you will be thankful when you see your beautiful natural skin!

And to show you what I mean, here is a gorgeous spring bride a la natural- now how perfect does that look on camera?



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