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April 28, 2015

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The weather so far this year has been interesting to say the least. The weather reports 10% chance of rain one minute, and then 99% the next- bipolar a tad. And boy, does it make planning a session a challenge. This amazing couple had driven in from Tally, where they both work at the capital, for their Amelia Island engagement session, on a friday, knowing we showed a low chance of rain- and then we were running to avoid the downpour!

But, they rallied, and we got it done. We planned the session for Amelia Island, where Jenny grew up. We started at Amelia Island plantation, and then finished at Jenny’s home- and what a view they have!  While the weather felt like a hot July day, and not a breezy spring afternoon, we were able to get some great shots of this duo, before the rain! And we ended up with some amazing rain skies!

Pure sugar studios__1168.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1169.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1170.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1171.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1172.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1173.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1174.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1175.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1176.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1177.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1178.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1179.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1180.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1181.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1182.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1183.jpg
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