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April 21, 2015

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I am pretty sure that 2015 will be called the “year of the storm”. Perhaps the average daily traveler is unaware, but I am pretty sure it has rained every day this year…so what happens when you cant shoot at the end of the day because of afternoon showers {that I hope bring may flowers}? You shoot at sunrise. I am still amazed that in April we have 100% humidity already, which is one of the perks of sunrise, its cooler! But, I have to say, if I have to get up at 5:30 am, for an engagement shoot, I want this kind of sunrise.

Nisha, Steven and I headed down to the beach in St. Augustine for their engagement session, and started with Nisha in her Sari- and yes, she did her own Henna! The colors of the Sari, and the color of the sky were engagement perfection! As the sun rose, we went for a more natural relaxed feel, and I think we got the perfect combination of casual and elegant.

Congrats you two! Cant wait for your July Wedding! I know you two loved your {brief} time together, and Nisha I know you are counting down the days till Stephen is back, and you two get married!

Pure sugar studios__1095.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1092.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1093.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1094.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1096.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1097.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1098.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1099.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1100.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1101.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1102.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1103.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1104.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1105.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1106.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1107.jpg
Pure sugar studios__1108.jpg

  1. Donna Truelove says:

    All the photos are beautiful. Well worth the early rise.
    Not sure if I could pick a favorite. They all have something special. Very romantic.

  2. Mike Truelove says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful coupke.

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