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Ask most girls about taking pictures, and they can give you a slew of selfies on their latest phone, and can describe in detail what they would do for a photo shoot. Now, ask a guy…

Senior boy mommas looking for amazing photos, it’s time!

The answer is vastly different. Most guys HATE photos, and grow up to be husbands who hate them too! {I know, I am married to one who hates them}. But, here at KHP, we are on a mission to change that! The greatest compliment we get from our guys is hearing they actually had FUN!

For my momma’s {and Dad’s} out there, as you are prepping to send your senior boy out into the world, capturing this amazing moment is just as important. Well, actually, probably more so! You probably don’t get many selfies, or event images, or even sports images {I know I don’t}, so their senior session is that much more important. The greatest part about this year is they are a little bit adult, and a little bit adolescent- so getting both seasons is so fun! They are also on the cusp of big changes, and that graduation rite of passage- and this is the perfect time to savor their youth, their fave hobbies and sports, and the future.

Senior photos for the guys should be fun, and easy!

Just like with out Senior Girls sessions, we work to plan the perfect outfits, and locations. We will start with a questionnaire so that everyone gets some input, and lay out some locations that will work perfectly. Then we send you a style guide with loads of outfit ideas. Don’t worry, I help with this too! The biggest goal is to get a wide range of ideas and looks- because most teens have lots of styles, and they want to showcase this. I promise you even the most basic of style inhibited guys, to the most fashionable will feel comfortable and organized.

Want more details on our Senior Boy experience for senior photos? Then head over to the Guys Experience page here!

  1. Susan says:

    Great Senior Guy photos! Guys want to look great in Senior photos, but are often intimidated. It’s great that you walk them through the prep process.

  2. Brandi says:

    All of these are amazing Senior Guy photos! The struggle is real with guys, but I love that most of the time they want to make their mama happy and then end up having a blast during their senior pictures.

  3. Your senior guy photos are amazing, Kelly! Yep, boy moms LOVE getting amazing senior pictures for their sons too, and it can definitely be a challenge, but if you choose a professional photographer they end up having a great time!

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