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September 10, 2021

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We are so lucky to live in Florida and be able to photograph year round! These High school swimmer photos were taken in November! I love getting to photograph seniors in their element, and doing their thing- especially guys. For so many of these kids, they have focused on this “passion” for more than half their lives, and commemorating it as they retire, or even as they move on to a college level seems such an amazing way to celebrate both their accomplishments and their futures.

Shawn had moved to the area from out of state, and so for him, getting these done {especially during the 2020 Covid season} was especially important. We were lucky to find a pool that would allow this, and get some amazing shots of him both in the pool, and out of it! My favorite way to photograph guys is all dressed up, with some dramatic touches. A “suit” and a pool don’t naturally go together, but I would say he killed it! And adding his bare swimmer feet was the perfect touch! I always say I want my seniors to have REVOLUTIONARY senior photos- and getting out at dusk with drama lends to images that are unlike anything they have done before!

Have a senior guy that hates photos, our demi shoot is just the thing! Or, if they have a lot of ideas, or sports/activities our Luxe session is the perfect blend! We like to keep mommas {and dads} happy, and give them special portraits of their son, and make sure the senior has loads of fun in the process! REVOLUTIONARY over ORDINARY!

  1. Shunta says:

    These are great! The suite and the pool are perfect. His letterman jacket stands out with the shot by the pool and the suite with bare feet are great! Getting guys are a tricky one, and you nailed it!!

  2. Kelly, I’m so jealous!!! I’ve always wanted to do a senior portrait session like this, and you nailed it! Seriously, every single image is amazing!!! I love the idea of having a swimmer in a suit or formal outfit on the block, and I love that he doesn’t have shoes on! And of course, the action shots of him swimming are perfect too! I bet this guy LOVES his senior pictures!!

  3. Brandi says:

    These senior guy swimming photos are amazing! What an awesome job of mixing formal with his action shots too!

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