{The one} with the wings…

I met with Miss H’s family at the beach to finish out her baby plan last week. What a CUTIE! She is at such a great age, she is a superb walker, has so much personality, and is just as cute as can be! I got a fabulous new pair of wings for this shoot, an image mom had seen on the blog last summer. She looked so cute in them! Its hard to believe 15 months has flown by already! I remember when Miss H was still trying to master tummy time! Lord, they grow so fast!

I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peak!

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  1. Jenn says:

    I love the wings! They are so adorable. She is to cute!

  2. Andi Diamond says:

    The color on these is so amazing! Her eyes have such beautiful clarity! What a gorgeous family!

  3. Pallavi says:

    HI Heather,

    These pictures are soo cute!!! Finally we get to see a family shot. Where have you been hiding. You 3 make a great family.
    I love the angel wings. Some of these pics can be entered into a contest. Haley is so photogenic. She needs to enter in some contests.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Love, Pallavi

  4. The Mom: Although we had our doubts about the shoot based on the wind conditions we love how the photos turned out and look forward to seeing the rest of them. We especially love the wing shots and feel you did a great job capturing these pictures which our family will hold dear to our hearts as a tribute in loving memory of Derek’s Dad, Dugie (Haley’s PaPa) who passed away from leukemia in July of this year. Thank you for capturing this special moment for us!

  5. Cathy Jaeger says:

    I love the pictures. The family one was beautiful all your eyes pop all beautiful blue eyes. Haley looks like a little doll. Like a picture you’d see on a wall the huge ocean behind her. I got really emotonal with the angel pictures. Haley looks like an angel sent from haven. Awesome photo’s. Wonderful tribute to Dugie ( PaPa }. It looks like in one of the angel pictures that Haley is puttting her finger to her lips and points to the sky. So touching. I guess you can tell I love the photos.
    Love Mom

  6. aunt eliz says:

    Awesome pictures!!! I think the wind added a nice feature 🙂 The family ones turned out really good and I just love the closeup of Haley, she’s so cute!!!!

  7. Maria Scripture says:

    These pictures are so great! Heather, I can see your smile in her a lot 🙂 The beach is wonderful. I think the wind was a plus. In proof 1220, she’s just a little sprite in front of that great big ocean! So cuuuute!

  8. Patty Santiago says:

    Loved the pics. Haley is getting so big. Take care.


  9. Dan says:

    What great photos of such a beautiful family. I could see these used as marketing material for sure. Really nice work!

  10. Michelle says:

    I love the one with her standing in the ocean!

  11. Katie says:

    The pictures are awesome!! I love the first .. The face shots. You all look soo beautiful! And the wings on Haley are adorable! I love the pic of her pointing to the sky!

  12. Tonya Silver says:

    These are the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen in photography. The imagination of this photographer should be commended highly.

  13. Carol Reeves says:

    I can’t express how touched I was by these beautiful pictures. The wings and Haley pointing to the sky like PaPa was there brought tears. The family Photo’s were flawless, colors were perfect and the beach in the background awesome.

  14. susan says:

    So super cute!!!

  15. Jody Smith says:

    The pictures are wonderful! What a beautiful family photo!
    The camera loves Haley!

  16. Jennifer says:

    These pictures came out fantastic!! I especially love the first one with all three of you. 🙂 The color and clarity of the photos are perfect.

  17. erica reeves says:

    I think all of the pictures turned out beautifil…. I bet you guys were cold though!!! ha ha ha…..anyways… the angel wings…… perfect! oh and by the way, i want blue eyes in a photo too, she did yours heather!! :}

  18. erica reeves says:

    sorry about the spelling error… i promise i really can spell beautiful!!!!

  19. Susan says:

    Great pictures! The close-up photo of the family is particularly charming.

  20. hilary brown says:

    despite the Reeves’ men disposition for wishing not to smile in pictures, Derek did well. All the pics are great. I love the ones with Haley in the blue dress.

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