What is the KHP style closet and how do I use it for my Jacksonville senior photo session?

Here at KHP we are all about making the senior portrait process as fun and painless as possible. And, as a teen parent myself, I know that clothes are always a crazy topic! Enter in the KHP style closet!

The KHP Style closet and selecting clothes for your Jacksonville and St. Augustine Senior pictures

One of the things I tell my seniors, and their parents, is a senior photo session is a celebration- a special moment, 18 years in the making, for both parents and kids. It deserves a special wardrobe too. Now, if my own senior had had her choice, she would have worn yoga pants and tank tops! So, parents, I get that struggle bus! But, I stress during our style consult, this is a special occasion, and a chance for them to stretch their style, which college and any other next steps will do naturally. I always recommend a blend of comfort, and stylish, so we get a great variety of who they are, and where they are going.

While that can seem daunting, don’t worry, our multi page style guide, and pinterest boards are there to help, as so is the style consult! In addition, we also have a style closet for our girls! {Guys, we are hoping to add some fun stuff for you for the class of ’23}. What is the style closet? It’s an always evolving, online boutique that my Luxe seniors can “shop” from. once you get your style guide, after booking, you get a link to our online shop. From there, you select your faves- there is no limit, and its 100% complimentary! I also tell my clients if they have something they love that they see online, or in another boutique, to let me know, it may be something they can use for their session, and then I add it to the style closet {and this is why its always growing}! we have a fun selection of fabulous formals, sweaters, skirts, shorts, and jackets. We also stock accessories, including hats, and jewelry! We DO NOT ever have jeans or pants, its just to hard, with so many different lengths! My clients love to mix the style closet options in with outfits they have to create a wide variety of looks. KHP adds to the style closet monthly, so I also advise you to keep checking! Our big overhaul is always in August, before the new season begins but I won’t lie, I love adding fun new things and often do voting on the insta story feed!

Another question I get asked, is will the style closet stuff fit me? Well, yes and no- but much like the run way, we make it work- we use clips and pins, and all sorts of stuff to make your selections work for you! We even adjust colors in post- especially in our parachute dress, and tulle collection. Remember, like the runway, we are posing, and doing small movements, not running a race, so a “good” fit works! I really want my clients to focus on style and color more than the fit. Again, its a chance for my seniors, who are getting ready to jump off that cliff into new experiences, to stretch their style. I hear so often, that the ones where they push their own envelope is their favorite set of images!

Here is a sampling of some style closet photos, and a video with some current style closet offerings to make your senior session EXACTLY what you are hoping for! We can’t wait to style you!

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  1. What to wear for senior pictures is something that everybody worries about! With your style closet though, even that’s easy! I love all the different styles and colors you have for them to use!

  2. Susan says:

    I love that you have a Style Closet for Senior Portrait Sessions!

  3. Deborah A. says:

    What a great resource for your seniors! I love all your selections and your models are gorgeous!

  4. Candace says:

    I love that this is available for your seniors. It makes the session less daunting and they can focus on the experience!

  5. Brandi says:

    What to wear for any occasion is always so stressful, but especially when it’s for such a big occasion as senior portraits! What a great resource you are for clients with your Style Guide and Client Closet!

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