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Let’s face it, your senior year is a pivotal time in your life, and your senior session should tell that story! But, how can you get loads of variety in your session? And still tell be you?

Adding Color and variety to your senior session

Planning your senior session is a huge undertaking, and thats why we try and give you as many tips and tricks at the planning stage, so you can have the session you have always dreamed of! And, lets be honest, outfit selection is the hardest part!

One way to make your session more fun, and add variety is by adding COLOR! That seems obvious, but I challenge you to look in your closet… I bet there is a wide variety of a few select colors… and maybe not even the ones that set off your eyes, or your skin tone!

This senior session with Sky, a Bartram Trail class of 2023 senior, is the perfect example of how color adds variety, and some fun to your senior session. When we sat down to plan sky’s session, we talked about adding pops of fun shades of vibrant colors to accent both her location choice, and her overall session feel.

We started with a red romper, which worked with San Marco perfectly! It also highlighted Sky’s coloring and really made her pop against the black and white wall. We also added green and pink together, and a solid pink jumpsuit as well as some varying types of neutrals to give a perfect variety in her senior album!

What are some ways to add color to your senior session? Here are 7 tips to add color:

  1. Statement accessories: Incorporate colorful statement accessories such as bold necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Choose accessories in hues that complement or contrast with your outfit to create a vibrant pop of color.
  2. Colorful shoes: Opt for brightly colored or patterned shoes to add a fun and unexpected element to your outfit. Whether you choose sneakers, heels, or flats, colorful shoes can instantly liven up your look.
  3. Layer with colorful jackets or cardigans: Pair your outfit with a colorful jacket or cardigan to add an extra layer and a burst of color. Choose a vibrant shade that complements your skin tone or contrasts with the colors of your outfit.
  4. Printed or patterned clothing: Consider wearing clothing items with colorful prints or patterns. Floral prints, stripes, polka dots, or geometric patterns can add visual interest and a playful touch to your senior session outfits.
  5. Colorful scarves or wraps: If you prefer a more subtle approach, accessorize with a colorful scarf or wrap. You can drape it around your shoulders or tie it around your neck to introduce a touch of color without overpowering your outfit.
  6. Mix and match colors: Experiment with color combinations to create a visually striking outfit. Pair complementary colors like blue and orange or purple and yellow, or try contrasting colors like black and hot pink for a bold and eye-catching look.
  7. Colorful props or backgrounds: Incorporate colorful props or choose locations with vibrant backgrounds. Balloons, flowers, graffiti walls, or nature settings can provide additional color and visual interest to your senior session photos. Don’t worry, we work together on the locations!

By adding color to your senior session, you add some fun and variety to your photos, but its important to add colors that accentuate your skin tone, and your style! Want to know which colors are best for you? Grab our free guide here and check out this blog post!

Ready to start planning your senior pictures? Lets get started! Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

  1. Susan says:

    I love these practical tips for adding color to a Senior Portrait Session. Great way to add variety!

  2. I love all the gorgeous colors!! Seniors are sometimes afraid of wearing too much color, but you’ve given great advice on how to add colors to your senior portrait wardrobe. Beautiful photos!

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