Help! I don’t know what to wear for senior pictures!

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February 21, 2023

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What to wear for senior pictures- where to shop

The best places to shop for girls senior pictures in Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida

The number one question I get asked, is this… what should I wear. I always say selecting outfits is like starting to write an essay. It seems overwhelming at first, but once you get an outline, and start writing, it feels manageable. My other advice is to try and avoid looking at the BIG PICTURE and thinking of all the things that have to happen before the big day. By planning in smaller sections, it feels easier!

What to wear, and where to shop?

First off, start with a plan! What is the style you are going for? I recommend two things for that!

  1. start by taking the style quiz {scroll down on the linked page} on the web site! Sure, its fun, but it really helps narrow down the styles you are most drawn to. Then spend a few minutes on pinterest to look around and see what it tosses out to you! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  2. Go through the style guide that you got in your HUB as a KHP client! This is another great way to narrow down WHAT looks you like. Sequins your thing? Perfect? boho or romantic styles? preppy? sporty? what if its a mix of all of them? Great! now you know where to start!

Now its time to formulate a plan! This blog post will help with creating a plan for your shoot, when it comes to clothes. And once you read it, you will be amazed how easy it can be! Keep in mind my biggest piece of advice. Your session should be an elevated version of YOU! No baggy sweats with stains, or old t-shirts for this one! That doesnt mean you CAN’T wear sweats or T’s… it just means you want to elevate it. What would you wear to dinner, or out with friends? Start with some of those ideas!

So now, you have a plan, and you need to shop! Where do I suggest you shop.. well first start at the places you normally look for clothes! Whether that is online, or in person!

For casual looks…

American Eagle and Hollister and both are online and local!

H&M online and local!

Aqua East– I LOVE this one for a beachy, surfer vibe! They carry great brands, and I am betting its things you would wear normally!

Target– The BEST for trendy and casual! Perfect on the budget, and a great place for accessories too!

Forever 21– Online, local, and can be trendy, or casual, and can be priced very well!

Altar’d State– One of my fave places for dresses! A little Boho, a little romantic!

For Trendy looks

Anthropologie/ Free People– These two are definately more of a splurge, but a great place to start your search to see of you are drawn to the style. Anthro is a bit more vintage chic. Free Peopl can be very boho!

PacSun– This store has trending designers and loads of jeans and graphic tee’s

Urban– Urban Outfitters is trendy, modern and has the latest styles. They tend to be on the more casual side as well. Works well for downtown session!

Fig & Willow– Online, and local, this store has fun trendy dresses, and skirts, with tops mixed in!

Vici Dolls– Trendy fun, and online this store has some fun finds, and great formal dresses! The return policy isn’t great, so read reviews, and also just use for inspo!

additional online stores- head over to insta and type boutiques, you will find SO MANY! this also gives you a great idea of what is trending!

For formal Looks

Lulu – This one is GREAT! and its online! This one is usually good for Prom and homecoming too! There are so many online boutiques, but this is one that allows returns, and that is huge if it doesn’t fit! Make sure you check online policies of any online boutique!

Buyer beware

Shein– Proceed with caution… while the prices are great, the qaulity can be bad. This may work for that trendy top you need for just one photo, but give yourself time to check and try on. Accessories can be good here, because they are usually used for such a short time! Also remember these generally run small!

Amazon– Now amazon CAN be one of my FAVES, and I have scored some great stuff from here…But, make sure you order in advance so you can make sure it fits, and its not see-through, haha! Read reviews, check the photos, and give your self time to re-order if you need to!

What things can I borrow?

Enter the KHP style closet! All KHP clients are able to shop in the style closet. How do you use it? head on over to insta and ask to follow- you MUST be a KHP client to follow. What is it? A jam packed closet full of outfits and accessories that you can use to supplement your session style! From jackets, to shirts, dresses to rompers, we’ve got you covered! you might just discover the perfect piece to tie your outfit together! And its all available for you to borrow for your session! We will chat about it during your consult and get you in to see what is there and try things on!

How can I maximize my looks?

Accessories and jackets can make a HUGE imapct here! A jeans jacket, a leather jacket, totally change the look! This allows you to change the style without changing the whole outfit. So do hats {don’t worry, I bring those} and accessories {yep, got those too}. From sunglasses to jewelry you can add variety to your photos in fun ways, and they work great for posing too!

What about day to night?

As you know at KHP, we like to get all the different kinds of light so that you get a wide variety of styles, and looks which gives you photos that set your session apart, and tell YOUR story! So, how do outfits come in to play? I usually suggest more formal wear the later it gets, especially if we are doing sunset and/or night of lights. The dramatic lighting leads to a more formal feel, and works with sparkles, and shine, or fun pops of color. For daytime, we start with more casual, and add in your trendy styles and pieces, but all of this comes down to locations as well! Don’t worry, we plan all this in your style consult too!

Whew! that’s it, now you know how to get all your looks together! Trust me, by making a plan, it is so much easier than you think! Need some help with your session plan outline? Read this post and start getting your outline down!

Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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