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One of the most difficult parts of planning for senior photos is deciding where to do them! North Florida offers so many amazing locations, narrowing down can be a challenge! Luckily, when we meet to do your style consult, we go through this, and make the perfect selection for your senior photos. But, before we do that, getting a great overview of the area locations will help you start those ideas flowing! Discover the my 10 top locations for senior photos!

Best locations for photos in North Florida

How do I put my favorites in order… well I can’t! So, these are in no particular order, they are all amazing! By adding your style, and your personality, you will make these locations that much more revolutionary… so let’s get started!

How do you choose the perfect location for senior photos?

First, we always start with a detailed style questionnaire. Getting to know YOU and what you value, helps to know where the perfect backdrop is for your senior photos. I ask about your style, your future plans, your favorite things, and style details. We also have a style consult, where we go over different lovcations, your outfit selections, and then togetehr we come up with a perfect plan.

These quetsions could lead us into a more urban path, or maybe a more natural direction, or some combination of both. Together, we make a plan that combimes the perfect locartions with your style. Of course, light is always teh key component for any amazing senior photo session, so we make sure to plan around that as well!

Perfect Senior picture ideas in North Florida

Yep, its easy to say, we have it all in North Florida, beaches, urban, parks, and of course the oldest city! Whether you want water, or buidlings, old brick roads, or colorful walls, we have it all here! So, lets get started with the top 10 senior photo locations… drumroll please 🙂

1. Downtown St. Augustine

St. Augustine, the oldest city, is packed with so manyt amazing places to photograpph, I could go there every day, and still find something I had not noticed before! Between old buildings, colorful buidlings, brick roads, and the intercoastal, St. Augustine has so much to offer as a photo backdrop. Add the Night of Lights, that runs from mid November to the end of January, and you just cant beat this location for your senior pictures! Its even a great destination location for some of my seniors!

Best North Florida senior photo session locations

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St Augustine night of lights ideas

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Bartram Trail Senior Downtown St. Augustine Senior Pictures

Pros of St. Augustine

  • Unlike any place else in the United States… I mean, heck, it IS the oldest city
  • Loads of variety in colors, textures and styles
  • Lots of great locations within walking distance

Cons of St. Augustine

  • Can be VERY crowded – always expect people, although many streets and locations won’t have anyone on them.
  • Parking… this is always a struggle, but the closer the shoot is to the weekend, the worse it is. Also, holidays are almost impossible here.

2.  Downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is the most “urban” of all the locations, and your outfits definetlt have to vibe with that. There are colorful walls, with loads of graffiti, glass buildings, and parking garages. We have water and bridges, and great street areas that show an urban to water view, which adds loads of variety! We usually finish by the St. Johns river when we use downtown. This gives us beautiful sunsets, and usually some city lights too!

Best North Florida senior photo session locations

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Emily In Paris Shoot

Pro’s of downtown Jacksonville

  • Convenient if you are in the northern part of Jacksonville
  • Free Parking after 5
  • variety of locations close together
  • Convenient if you are in the northern part of Jacksonville
  • Free Parking after 5
  • variety of locations close together

Con’s of downtown Jacksonville

  • far from the beaches, this means river finish
  • parking can be harder before 5

3. San Marco

Close to downtown, this area is great on its own, or in addition to downtown. A little less urban, San Marco also offers colorful murals, and glass buildings, but, we also get parks, and a small town vibe. The square is a perfect place to start, we have shops with colorful doors, and nearby parks perfect for a grass-field series. Again, we finish by the River, often on the Southbank which gives beautiful sunsets, the mirror-mural, and downtown views.

Want to see sessions in San Marco? 

Ander Episcopal High School San Marco Senior Session

Bartram Trail Grad in San Marco for senior photos

Emily in Paris shoot

Pro’s of San Marco

  • Convenient if you are in the northern part of Jacksonville
  • Free Parking all day
  • variety of locations close together

Cons of san Marco

  • far from the beaches, this means river finish
  • parking can be harder after 5, especially towards the end of the week, by the square

4. Vilano Beach

My favorite beach, Vilano offers East, West, and South views of the ocean, and sunsets, and of course the oldest city in the background {even better when its night of lights, because its lit}. The skies can be exceptional, especially since we can shoot 270 degrees! Add in the rocks of the jetties, and if you are lucky, low tide, or a full moon, and you have absolute perfection. This area offers a grassy area too, perfect for more natural tall grasses, and sunsets. 

Want to see sessions in Vilano? 

Taylor’s Vilano Beach Session

Pro’s of Vilano

  • Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets
  • Rocks and water… a beautiful end to your session
  • Close to the oldest city so you can do both

Con’s of Vilano

  • Can be windy, especially in the spring
  • can be colder in winter months, but the sunsets make it worth it!
  • the grassy area, like all grasses have to be navigated carefully {don’t worry, I’ve got you}!

5. The Island of St. Augustine

Ahh, the most eclectic place on the list. The island is a blend of funky stores, buildings, and water locations. The lighthouse and Pier are two great places to use on the island! The island also pairs well with Washington Oaks state Park {#6 on the list}.

Best North Florida senior photo session locations

Want to see sessions on the island of st. Augustine? 

Pro’s of The Island of St. Augustine

  • Convenient if you want to do the city or if you want to washington oaks
  • Free Parking all day
  • variety of locations close together, but requires driving
  • The pier
  • Old Florida buildings and style

Con’s of The Island of St. Augustine

  • Areas by the water can be windy. 
  • Crossing the bridge of lions can create some delays

6. Washington Oaks State Park

Let me preface this by saying, its a DRIVE down to this location! If the trees, and park areas speak to you, we will start on the Island of St. Augustine to give you a bit of variety before we head South! This location offers the park on the west side of A1A and the intercostal, and the beach on the east side. The park is perfect about two hours before sunset, and in the spring can give some flowers including an English rose garden, as well as a variety of flowers native to Florida. The flowers vary based on weather, but the towering oaks, and coy ponds give a beautiful backdrop! From the park, we usually do the ocean, some if the entrances are still recovering from recent hurricanes, but the rock formations and east sunset is perfect about 45 minutes before sunset. Then, we finish on the intercostal side with the sunset to the east, and fort Matanzas river in the background. 

Want to see sessions At Washington Oaks State Park? 

Pro’s of Washington Oaks State Park

  • Secluded beaches, perfect for photo sessions with no stragglers in your background
  • variety of locations close together, but requires driving
  • We can always add Marineland

Con’s of Washington Oaks State Park

  • Flowers can be iffy, dont set your heart on any one color or plant you see
  • It’s a far drive…
  • Can be windy since all locations are by the water
  • Did I mention its a far drive 🙂

7. Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach are North of the city, and work well for schools in that area, but I have had seniors from St. Augustine drive that far Atlantic beach, or AB as its referred to, offers a quant coastal town vibe, with loads of colors and beachy vibes. Murals, vibrant building colors, and interesting architecture make this a great backdrop for senior photos. When shooting here, we use the beach right off the town for sunset. It’s not my favorite beach, because there are hotels here, which bock the western view, but the eastern views can be fabulous to end a session. I like to say AB is a blend of St. Aug and San Marco, a little bit urban and a little bit beachy. This location works great with that blend in clothing too, not too modern, and not too traditional. 

Want to see sessions at Atlantic Beach? 

Atlantic Beach Photo Session

Pro’s of Atlantic Beach

  • A good blend of modern and traditional locations
  • lots of color
  • Good Parking, and loads of places close by
  • One stop shop- beach and town… 
  • Jax beach and the pier are nearby 

Con’s of Atlantic Beach

  • One stop shop- beach and town… can be a pro and and a con, but it does offer a load of variety!
  • Not my favorite beach to use…

8. Green Cove Springs

Ahh, old Florida at its finest! From parks to old movie theaters, brick walls, and murals, Green Cove has it all! One of my favorite locations for Senior Guys, its perfect for a traditional city vide. The park of green cove, offers beautiful trees, and a stream, which are great for a natural feel. The city gives us an old town feel, with loads of color. Usually empty, its perfect for a senior session, and avoiding people. Green Cove also works well for seniors who may want to do some photos at their school, if they are in Northern West St. johns County. The sunsets coming back across the stands bridge are phenomenal and perfect if you want to add your car to your shoot! 

Want to see sessions in Green cove Springs? 

Pro’s of Green Cove Springs

  • Old Florida vintage feel
  • Great for senior guys
  • Amazing sunset views from the bridge
  • Good Parking, and loads of places close by
  • Close to Creekside, Bartram and Beachside for shoots that include the school

Con’s of Green Cove Springs

  • No beach finish… but the sunset over the St. Johns is amazing!

9. Nocatee and Ponte Vedra Beach

The Nocatee area offers a small town vibe, with a modern style. The white buildings in the shopping district blend well with Crosswater Hall, and of course the bridge in Nocatee park is perfect for a more natural feel. One of my favorite places to use for my lite sessions, this area offers two distinct backgrounds, close by. From Nocatee, we head west, and have the intercostal bridge which is a great place to shoot for sunset! We are also by Ponte Vedra beach which gives us the Inn and Club, and the Lodge, which are perfect spots for sunset as well!

Want to see sessions in Nocatee and Ponte Vedra beach

Pro’s of Nocatee and Ponte Vedra Beach

  • A little city, and a little beach
  • Lots of parking
  • Close to Ponte Vedra High School if we are using that as one of the locations

Con’s of Nocatee and Ponte Vedra Beach

  • Cant’t use parts of Nocatee till after 5
  • Parks can be VERY crowded

10. Murray Hill

Murray Hill is such a cool location on the Westside and adds perfectly to Downtown Jax, or San Marco. From an old movie theatre, to loads of fun murals, Murray Hill offers lots of colorful locations and old Florida Industrial feel. I like to add this one onto a senior guy session, because it offers loads of grunge and color. 

Want To see sessions in Murray Hill

Pro’s of Murray Hill

  • Close to Downtown
  • Lots of parking
  • Close to Northern High Schools, Bolles, and Episcopal. 

Con’s of Murray Hill

  • Further drive for St. johns schools


And for good measure, adding these in…

11. The Extras

While we hit on loads of great locations through out Northeast Florida, I think its important to mention the one off spots that can be used for a lite session, your prom photos, and even added on to the locations above, depending on how far they are! Some of my faves… YOUR high school, especially if you want to include your sport {tracks, baseball fiends, soccer fields, etc}. Rivertown Park which is a great as a natural backdrop, and includes the river! Local golf courses and tennis courts, or pools, if you do any of these sports! What about the studio, arcades, or even Amelia island, or Flagler beach? And lastly, Town Center. Town Center is best early morning, around 8, or later evening about an hour before dusk, It offers a waterfall, cool walls, and a jasmine wall. Lots of variety, and right in the middle of town!  

Want to see some of these locations? 

Whew! There you have it!

Well, in a small nut shell, those are the best areas for your North Florida senior Photos. We included St. Augustine, The beaches, the westside, Downtown, and quite a few locations in between! Remember you clothing style and personality will help narrow this down for your session. And when we meet for the style consult, it will all blend together perfectly!

Ready to start planning your senior pictures? Lets get started! Kelleen Hite is a senior portrait photographer based out of Jacksonville and St. Augustine Florida. Her goal is to create and amazing experience and revolutionary portraits so that every senior knows how awesome they are, and so that every parent can enjoy this fleeting moment. Kelleen is now booking for the class of 2024. To learn more about being a revolutionary KHP senior, click here.

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